F I N A L F A N T A S Y 1 4

Upcoming events and updated notes
5.0 is the most popular season in ff14
We will be handing out a lot of goodies to players. In addition, there are out of print mount will also be landing platform. Stay tuned.
Jan 20th 2020
New storylines, bosses, and equipment will be introduced.
The latest plot tells the story of adventurers in order to save the companions incarnate into the first world of the dark warriors in order to eliminate the light of the taboo!
Jan 16th 2020
The new version is coming soon, check out the official preview!
The new version will launch on January 22, 2020. We will release the trailer in two days!Please tell each other. Look forward to the new version of the arrival!!
Jan 14th 2020
Dark warrior

The power to reverse the world

Be the dark warrior of that world